WhatsApp For Swachh Bharat

Recently during my trip to Bali, I had stopped over at Malaysia airport. It was around 4 to 5 hours stop due to the change in flights. One thing which I noticed in one of the toilets was a picture below. By looking at this my IT mind started working and a lot of jargons came to mind #Technology #BusinessProcess #WhatsApp #BPM etc…

We had heard a lot of usage of WhatsApp in Medial (Dr exchange reports – opinions etc.) or Sales-Marketing Field (for offers and group activities). But this usage is very appropriate for common problems which as a citizen every one of us face. How about we implementing it for #Swachh Bharat (www.swachhbharaturban.in) #CleanIndia or many such uses. Involvement of common people is critical for the success of this initiative.
Similarly, simple IT solutions can solve business scenario problems. What it requires is understanding of the problem and aligning the best IT solutions fit to it, #ITForBusiness. If you have come across such things do share your experience. Would be interested to hear your problem at [email protected]

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